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Indians spread Islam in a country with Hindu majority and kings, now most Muslims there



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The Indo-Islamic Heritage Center report asserts
The Indians had spread Islam in Indonesia
Now the largest Muslim-majority country in the world

Jakarta. Many clerics in Indonesia say what was once a majority Hindu population and a Hindu king has now become the largest Muslim majority country in the world. About 231 million people in this country believe in Islam. According to a report by the Indo-Islamic Heritage Center, Islam in Indonesia was spread by Indians. Many Islamic historians and scholars have also confirmed this. Islam is viewed in Indonesia the same way it is practiced in India. There are many similarities between the two countries. Here people read Namaz, keep Roza and travel for Haj.

According to the report, when Indian businessmen came to Indonesia, they also brought Islam. Mausoleums of Sultan Malik Al Saleh in the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra are similar to those found in Gujarat. At the same time, a famous Dutchman Dwan Snook Hurgroonje also confirmed this. He compared the traditions of Gujarati Muslims with the traditions of Indonesian Muslims and said that many things are similar in both. Here, historians believe Sultan Malik al-Saleh established the first Muslim state of Samudera Pasai in 1267.

Sufi missionaries from Gujarat and Bengal traveled to Indonesia
It was said in the report that Sufi missionaries from Gujarat and Bengal of India had gone to Indonesia. Sufis came here as preachers, they also came as politicians. These people spread Islam by going to the cities. According to the report, traders from the western coasts of India were doing business by traveling to Java and Sumatra. In this, businessmen, the wealthy and the ruling class also fell under his influence and began to accept Islam. Over many years, the Muslim population has grown here.

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