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‘Indo-Australian relations have shifted to T20 mode’: PM Modi’s joint talks with Albanese



Joint press conference by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

I wholeheartedly thank the people of Australia and the Prime Minister of Australia for the honor accorded me and my delegation during this visit.
Our relations have entered G20 mode.

Our democratic values ​​are at the heart of our relationship Our relationship is based on mutual trust and connection There is a living bridge between our two friends Yesterday we unveiled Little India together

There was a discussion in the category of cooperation in the mining field, on this subject we decided to form a working group on the identification of green hydrogen.
Various issues were discussed with the CEO of Australia, during which business investments and technology were discussed.
Migration and mobility agreement signed today

We had talked about separatist activities in temples in Australia before and even today it is not acceptable for any element to base the cordial relations between India and Australia on the basis of their thoughts or actions. . I thank him for the measures I have taken and also he blessed me once again that he will continue to take strict action against such elements – –

My friends, the prospect of India-Australia relations is not limited to our two countries, it is also linked to regional stability, peace and global well-being. A few days ago, at the war summit in Hiroshima with the Prime Minister, we also discussed the Indo-Pacific.

Cooperation between India and Australia can also be beneficial for the progress of the global South. Sincere thanks to the Prime Minister

Friends, for the Cricket World Cup to be held in India this year, I invite the Prime Minister and all Australian cricket fans to come to India for peace, at that time, shine and pomp of Diwali will be visible –

Very happy to welcome you back to India for the G20 summit in September this year, thank you once again