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Iran has made the most dangerous missile in the world, 5 times faster than sound



Hypersonic missile: Iran has prepared the most dangerous hypersonic missile in the world. It is claimed that no existing anti-defense system can stop it. That is, its speed will be five times the speed of sound. The sound covers the speed of one kilometer in 2.91 seconds. That is, this hypersonic missile will cover a speed of one kilometer in less than 1 second. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, gave this information.

Speaking about the new weapon on Thursday, General Hajizadeh said it would be impossible for anyone to intercept the missile. He said: “The speed of this missile is fast and it can dodge enemies in and out of the atmosphere. It will target the enemy’s advanced anti-missile systems, i.e. the anti-defense system.

Which countries have this special missile?
Let’s say America, Russia and China are working on hypersonic missiles. It is said that Russia prepared this missile. Iran had previously given no information to the world about its manufacture. It is said that China had tested this missile last year. While America has also reached the testing stage. North Korea also claimed to have a hypersonic missile during the military parade. But whether it works or not, nothing can be said about it at the moment. Meanwhile, India, France, Germany, Japan and Australia are also developing hypersonic weapons.

It happened because of Trump’s decision?
There has been no indication in recent days that Iran has conducted hypersonic missile tests. Experts believe that one of the reasons Iran can build nuclear weapons is also a decision by former US President Donald Trump. In fact, a nuclear accord was signed between Iran and the United States in 2015 during Barack Obama’s tenure to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb. But in 2018, Trump pulled America out of that deal.

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