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Iran targets Americans in Syria! Biden’s warning after the airstrike – we won’t stop



Washington: President Joe Biden warned Iran on Friday that in response to an attack in Syria, the US military would take strong action to protect them. Another U.S. service member was injured Friday in an attack between Iranian-backed forces and U.S. personnel in Syria, officials said. On Thursday, the United States had carried out an airstrike on the bases of Iranian-backed forces, after which Iran also responded. A US contractor was killed and five US soldiers and another contractor were injured in a drone attack in Syria, leaving 6 injured and 1 dead.

Suspected US rocket fire targeted new areas in eastern Syria on Friday, sources said. In which there is no information about a victim. Pro-Iranian forces in Syria said in an online statement Friday that they had a long arm to respond to US strikes. The violence could exacerbate already strained relations between Washington and Tehran over Russia’s use of Iranian drones against Ukraine. US forces stationed in Syria have already been attacked by drones, but fatalities are rare.

As of now, Joe Biden is currently touring Canada. Here he was asked about the attacks in Syria by Iran, he said America doesn’t want war with Iran but we will take strong action to save our people, so “we’re not going stop us”. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the war in Syria, said eight pro-Iranian fighters were killed in the US strikes.

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US troops were first deployed to Syria during the Obama administration’s campaign against Islamic State, in partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led group. There are about 900 US troops in Syria, mostly in the east. According to the US military, since the start of 2021, US troops have been attacked around 78 times by Iran-backed groups.