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Is there also a problem with eating people in Europe? Do you know which country is the poorest here?



Hearing the name of Europe, people’s minds focus on money and wealth. Whether it’s Luxembourg or Switzerland and Norway, we often focus on the wealth of European countries. But there are always two sides of the coin. Because even in Europe people are struggling to survive. The people of many countries here are also troubled by poverty, hunger and unemployment. Europe is the second smallest continent in the world after Australia with a total area of ​​10,180,000 square kilometers. According to the United Nations, 44 countries are part of Europe.

If you look at the last numbers, the first number is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the poorest country in Europe. The unemployment rate here alone is 40%. GDP per capita is 7.46 euros. Albania is number two. However, over the past two decades there has been a significant reduction in poverty in Albania. More than five percent of the population suffers from malnutrition. Infrastructure is the biggest problem in the country. GDP per capita is 8.50.

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Fruit salad. It is the third poorest country in Europe. It is considered the most unstable region in Europe. More than two thirds of the population of the former Yugoslav republics live in rural areas. GDP per capita is 9.20 euros. Some very brilliant answers have been given on Quora regarding poverty in Europe. Let us tell you that Quora is a Q&A site, where people can ask questions and can also answer them.

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A user named Naveen Chaudhary wrote, “There are many powerful countries like Britain, France on the European continent. The European continent is the richest continent in the whole world. But there are also many such countries on this continent, which are very poor. If we are talking about the poorest country in Europe, then this country is Moldova. A user by the name of Hokam Singh wrote that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. GDP per capita is $2,560. It is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south.

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By the way, say that Moldova became an independent republic in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, whose economy depends heavily on agriculture. Two-thirds of Moldovans are of Romanian origin and the two countries share a common cultural heritage. The industrial region east of the Dniester, commonly referred to as Trans-Dniester or Dniester region, was officially an autonomous region within Ukraine before 1940, when the Soviet Union annexed it from Bessarabia to form the Republic Moldavian Soviet socialist.

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