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Italian Defense Minister’s Grand Statement Says – Will Make New Law To Continue Arms Supply To Ukraine Until 2023 – Reuters



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Grand statement by the Italian Minister of Defense on Ukraine
Said – will continue to give arms

Rome: The Italian Minister of Defense made a big statement regarding the supply of arms to Ukraine. Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosato said in an interview published on Monday that the Italian government will ask parliament to approve a new law on military and civilian supplies to Ukraine by 2023. Let us tell you that on the basis of the decree, which expires at the end of the year, the government in Rome can send aid to Ukraine each time with the consent of parliamentary authority. Crosetto told the Foglio newspaper that the Ministry of Defense would soon propose to renew the same measure, which would be extended until 2023.

Defense Minister Crosato said: “As before, Italy will continue to supply arms. We will continue to support our Atlantic allies and Kyiv, as time permits and in our own way. Let us tell you that earlier this month, a ruling coalition official told Reuters that Italy was preparing a new arms package for Ukraine. Including the air defense system specifically sought by Kyiv.

Crosetto will accept proposal to exclude defense capital expenditure
Crosetto told Il Foglio newspaper he would propose excluding spending on “defence investments” from the calculation of the EU’s deficit under the bloc’s stability and growth pact. Referring to relations with the European Union, Crosetto said that some countries are too much in their favour. However, he declined to name those countries. He said he would raise the issue with the European Union’s economic commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni. He said he would also address this issue by writing a letter to European Union defense ministers.

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