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It’s awesome! 2 lakh rupees are received for canceling the booking of the car, do you know why the company was forced?



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This offer is given by Ford Motor in America.
Ford’s Bronco SUV waits several months.
Construction is disrupted due to upcoming disruptions in the supply chain.

Car Discount Offer: You must have often seen that the companies give various discounts and discounts on the purchase of a new car, but you may also hear for the first time that the company gives money to cancel the reservation of a car. This amount of cash is not a little, it is full of 2 lakh rupees. Yes, that is absolutely true. It may sound strange, but something similar happened on the other side of the world.

Ford Motor American is a very popular company and the company’s Bronco SUV is so popular in America that there is a long waiting list for it. The wait is so long that Ford is unable to deliver the SUV to its customers even on time. However, the second reason for this is also the lack of necessary components due to the interruption of the global supply, due to which the production does not occur in sufficient quantities.

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this is the complete offer
According to reports, it offers money to people who want to cancel their reservation due to a long waiting period. However, the automaker will only give them that money if customers buy another model from the company instead of the reserved Bronco. Now Ford is asking customers to buy SUVs like Maverick, Mustang and F-150 Tremor instead of Bronco.

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The SUV was launched two years ago
According to US media, Ford Motor is offering up to $2,500 or up to Rs 2 lakh to anyone still awaiting delivery of their Bronco SUV. Ford launched the 2021 Bronco SUV in the United States a year before production began. The production delay has resulted in a huge backlog for the automaker.

2 lakh customers had booked the SUV
Ford Motor was forced to take such a step due to supply chain constraints. For this reason there is a delay in the manufacture of some of these models, in which more features are seen. Speaking of SUV features, it includes adaptive cruise control, a 10-speaker B&O audio system, built-in navigation, and body-color hardtops. According to the report, around 2 lakh people have booked this SUV.

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