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It’s called neglect… 13-month-old child mistakenly innocent, mother crashed into car, died



Washington: It is said that a person harms himself greatly through negligence. News about this came from the US state of Arizona. Here, a mother accidentally knocked over her 13-month-old baby girl. The little girl died instantly. Police say the incident happened when the woman made her daughter sit in another place, where she felt her daughter was safe. The car was parked in a narrow area near the house and the woman was trying to drag it out of the place.

As the child’s mother parked the car, her tire crushed her daughter, knocking her over and seriously injuring her. The girl was taken to a local hospital, but could not be saved. The tragic incident happened last Thursday near the Cottonwood family home. On July 6, the woman herself called the police at the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and told them everything. She told police she thought she put her daughter in the car seat from a safe distance.

The girl has been identified as 13-month-old Saira Rose Thoming. She was with her mother outside the family home in Cottonwood. At present, the mother has not been charged, in this the police are continuing to investigate the case. The girl’s uncle has set up a crowdfunding fund. who described the child as “a light in the world” which made everyone smile. Uncle wrote on the page that he loved being outdoors, nature, playing with his family, animals and water.

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