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Jako Rakhe Saiyan, no one can kill you! Seeing the missing son in the sea, the mother got excited, said – God is with us



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The family is known for spearfishing and free diving.
The missing boy was seen floating in the water during the rescue operation.
The video is going viral on all social media platforms

Washington. ‘Jako Rakhe Saiyan, no one can kill you.’ These days, that saying seems to fit an ongoing “ocean rescue” in the American Sea (Florida). Indeed, Dylan Gartenmayer (22), a family member famous for spearfishing and snorkeling, got caught in the strong current of the creek and disappeared for several hours in the surf. ‘ocean.

After disappearing into the ocean for hours without being seen, the family lost their minds. But when his family spotted their son in the sea during the rescue operation, an attempt was made to save him alive (US Family Found Missing Son). The family succeeds. The video of this whole “rescue operation” is going very viral on the internet. In this, a very emotional moment of the family is seen when meeting the son after his disappearance.

According to a report by NBC News, Dylan Gartenmeyer, 22, disappeared at sea for several hours after being caught in the strong current of the Gulf Stream. But he was saved. Since this incident, the family known for spearfishing and free diving has been in fear for their lives. During Operation Rescue in Ocean, Dylan was spotted alone in the water as he sailed away from dry land.

Very emotional moments were seen in the video seen on the Internet. The American family looked very happy after losing the son in the sea. Holding the son’s hand, the mother pulled and hugged him and danced for joy. When suddenly the missing son was seen floating in the sea, the family jumped for joy and tried to hold his hand. shot in the dive.

Gartenmayer said there was a pile of fodder floating around me. I had a feeling that the bigger fish that was the shark would soon follow. I was ready to fight that very night. But I’m glad there was no need to do that. After her son Dylan went missing, his mother Tabitha Gartenmeyer and other family members boarded a boat and landed at sea to search. The family’s emotional reaction to being rescued from deep water is going viral on the internet. Not only that, on Facebook her cousin Priscilla Gartenmayer recounted the whole incident, what happened after all?

Dylan’s mother says God was with us. We focused on a right direction and we reached the right direction. Suddenly we saw something floating in the sea and we fixed our eyes on it. Can’t stop watching this. He had seen all of this after Dylan had been missing for hours and he had succeeded in his endeavor. Dylan has been diving and spearfishing since childhood. But after this incident, he is very scared. Dylan’s video is going viral on all social media platforms.

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