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Japan places Corona in seasonal flu category, exemption from isolation, will no longer be called an epidemic



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Japan declares COVID-19 equal to legal status of seasonal flu
After the government exemption, there will be relief from self-isolation and many strict rules in the country.
Covid classified as class 2 disease with SARS and tuberculosis

Tokyo, In Japan, Corona is classified as a seasonal flu instead of an epidemic. According to the AP news agency report, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Friday that COVID-19 was equivalent to the legal status of seasonal flu. After this step by the Japanese government, the country will now start to relax by wearing masks and adopting other preventive measures. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kishida said he had tasked experts and government officials to discuss the details of reducing the legal status of COVID-19.

After the exemption granted by the government, there will be relief from self-isolation and many strict rules in the country. In addition, corona patients will now be able to seek treatment in any hospital. Earlier in Japan, corona patients were only allowed to be treated in special corona hospitals. Kishida said that in order to resume his normal daily life in Japan while following the adaptation measures for living with the coronavirus, he will gradually study concrete measures to take the next step.

In Japan, COVID-19 is currently classified as a class 2 disease along with SARS and tuberculosis. Under this rule, the free movement of such patients is prohibited and strict rules are also followed. According to the Health Ministry, the total number of daily deaths last Saturday was 503. Experts say the latest increase could be linked to the worsening of pre-existing conditions in elderly patients.

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