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Japanese Government Giving Massively To Families Leaving Tokyo, Know What The Deal Is



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The Japanese government has made tempting offers to families
Families leaving Tokyo will receive benefits
The Japanese government committed to maintaining the demographic balance

Tokyo. The Japanese government has announced that one million yen per child will be offered to families who choose to live outside of Tokyo. The government announced a 700,000 yen increase in incentives to 1 million yen ($7,500) per child. The incentive was launched in 2019 and aims to encourage people to move to areas with declining birth rates and aging populations. For this, the government has included people from many regions among the beneficiaries of this device.

In this framework, people from 23 districts of Tokyo have been mainly selected in the past 5 years. The program will also cover families whose parents work in Tokyo. Additionally, residents of Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa provinces are also eligible. Apart from that, those who work in a small or medium business in this region. The government says people who use the internet to continue their pre-migration work and start businesses in the area where they live. They will also benefit from the scheme.

Will have to stay in the village for 5 years, otherwise the money will have to be returned
In fact, the program also allows for increased financial assistance for families with more than one child. The current subsidy is 300,000 yen per child, according to Nikkei. This rule will come into effect from April 2023, and couples with two children will receive an amount of up to 3 million yen. Parents will not be subject to any income conditions. Japanese parents were asked to move to their new local government within three months to a year of moving and declare their intention to live there for at least five years. If they don’t live there for five years, they will be asked to return the money. About 1,300 municipalities participate in the program.

Part of the Digital Garden City Nation Infrastructure Development Plan
In 2021, 1,184 families received rehabilitation assistance. The number of families who joined the incentive program was 71 in 2019 and 290 in 2020. The number increased in 2020 as remote work was added to the eligibility criteria. The Japanese government says the program is part of the Digital Garden City Nation’s infrastructure development plan. Nikkei Asia said in a report that it aims to revive areas other than the capital region by promoting rehabilitation in rural areas through digitalization. The government aims to increase the number of families displaced to rural areas to 10,000 by 2027. The government said the environment will be developed with the rehabilitation plan to help people adapt to rural areas. Self-driving buses and the establishment of remote medical care and official satellite offices are also part of the plan. Until August 2022, 654 satellite offices have been set up.

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