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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida took action against his son and hosted a party with friends and relatives at the official residence



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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s eldest son hosted a private party at the Prime Minister’s residence.
Many people including relatives were invited to this party.
After the rowdiness of the private party, the Prime Minister removed his son from his post.

Tokyo. There was a lot of rowding in Japan after a private party for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s son. Japan’s prime minister said on Monday his son was stepping down as acting political secretary after taking on the responsibility of using the prime minister’s residence for a private party. There was a lot of anger among people after the publication of the party’s photo magazine.

According to the AP news agency, Shotaro Kishida, the eldest son of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his executive secretary for political affairs, had invited other people, including relatives, for the party on December 30, 2022, at the residence. Prime Minister’s official. The photo from the private party was published by the weekly Shukan Bunshun.

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According to the report, like the newly appointed cabinet, the Prime Minister’s son and his relatives were shown on the red carpet. Other photos show guests standing on podiums as if holding a press conference. Kishida told reporters on Monday night: “His job as Political Affairs Secretary was inappropriate and I have decided to replace him while fixing his responsibility.”

He added that on Thursday another secretary, Takayoshi Yamamoto, would be appointed in place of his son. Kishida acknowledged that he briefly greeted the guests but said he did not stay for dinner. He said he strongly chastised his son for the party, but failed to deflect continued criticism from opposition MPs and public outcry.

It is not the first time…
It was not the first time that Kishida’s sons faced controversy for using their official position for private activities. He was reprimanded for using embassy cars for private visits to Britain and Paris, and for buying souvenirs for cabinet members at a luxury department store in London when accompanying his father when traveling. .

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