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Japan’s mission failed, the first lunar lander failed to land on the moon, fearing it might crash



Tokyo: The lunar lander of the Japanese private company Ispace, which landed on the Moon, crashed. ISpace, the first company to take Japan’s lunar lander to the moon, announced on Wednesday that their attempt had failed. This lunar lander is known as Hakuto-R Mission 1. The company said that it had made every effort to land the lunar lander on the lunar surface at night, but contact with the company was lost. about 25 minutes after landing. The company has promised that it will move forward with the new mission.

According to an AFP report, Hakuto-R flew at a speed of 6,000 kilometers per hour from an altitude of 100 kilometers above the lunar surface. On Tuesday, the communication was interrupted during the landing. ISpace said in a statement: “The company already assumed that this lander would land on the lunar surface with great difficulty.” The company said in a tweet that its engineers were trying to find out why the landing failed.

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