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Jobs are going in America, it’s hard for Indians to ‘find a wife’, read this report



Vijayawada: Indian IT professionals, especially in Telugu, are finding it difficult to marry after hundreds of employees working in US IT companies have been laid off. Finding a bride for marriage has now become a new task for Telugu employees, not only that, there are many young NRIs who have postponed their wedding plans until 2024. Let’s find out their story…

Vignesh Prasad works in Silicon Valley, California, his family pinned his hopes on his marriage in 2023. He had even set the auspicious hour. The family wanted to find a wife and get married from January 22 to February 20. But he had to face rejection. I also tried through matrimonial sites but couldn’t find any suitable profiles.

Rama Raju, who lives in New Jersey, US, says he has never faced so many rejections before. He said: “When he didn’t want to get married, dating sites were flooded with matches and now that he’s ready to get married, people are rejecting his profile.”

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Explain that due to the economic recession in America, major technology and e-commerce companies had begun the process of laying off jobs, including giants like Amazon, Twitter, Meta, Google, and Microsoft, due to which many many Indians his job was in jeopardy.

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