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‘Jobs for those who are not stupid!’ Strange recruitment ad shown in pizzeria, people got angry after seeing it



From today, it is not easy to find a job. Educated people who have obtained great diplomas also have to face many problems in terms of jobs. In such a situation, the challenges for employees have increased. On the one hand, the owners only want a qualified person, with special experience, for the job, on the other hand, now even non-idiots have been demanded for the job. You would think what a strange request this is. In fact, the owner of a pizza place in America needs such employees in his restaurant (pizza restaurant weird hiring sign) who are not fooled.

You read that right, this is a job application from the owner of a pizzeria in Ohio, southwest of Columbus, USA. According to the report by news site NBC-16, the Santino pizzeria, located in southwest Columbus, posted a bizarre job advertisement outside its restaurant that has gone viral on social media. The bosses have posted a job ad that bothers a lot of people, but many find it funny too.

People angry after seeing strange ad
A journalist shared the photo of the same advertisement posted in front of this restaurant on Twitter. It says in English on the ad – “Now Hiring Non-Stupid People”. Despite the employee’s hard work, calling them idiots and recruiting new staff by publicly running such advertisements is humiliating. Many people have trolled the restaurant over this issue. A customer found this advertisement so bad that he ordered 10 pizzas for around Rs. After that, he had to distribute the food to the poor.

Because of this, such an advertisement was put
Jayden Dunigan, the daughter of a pizzeria owner, said she didn’t mean to offend anyone, just wanted to make the ad fun so more people would apply. He said that the former employees were busy on the phone all day without paying attention to work, and their attitude was not good either, because of which he published such publicity. According to the owners, the ad has been up for a few months and the number of customers visiting them has also increased.

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