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Joe Biden is ‘too old’ to become the next US president, 68% of voters believed the poll, know the opinion of the Democrats



Washington. Nearly 7 in 10 registered voters (68%) say President Joe Biden is “old enough for another term.” This has been highlighted in a new poll conducted by Yahoo News and YouGov. Additionally, 48% of Democrats agree with this assessment, while 34% disagree.

The survey was conducted between February 23 and 27 among 1,516 American voters. It highlights the central challenge facing the oldest president in US history (Joe Biden) as he prepares to run for re-election in the next possible presidential election and his age places his party in a difficult position.

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The main issue for Democrats isn’t Biden’s performance for the presidency, as 77% of Democrats are comfortable with how the 80-year-old is handling the job, while just 20% think he is doing well.

Registered voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning also say they would rather see Biden renominated for president (47%) than “anyone else” (34%). 47% of voters who now say they will nominate Biden, the highest number since November 2021.

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Joe Biden has previously said he intends to run for president again, but has yet to make an official announcement. By the way, he did not pay much attention to these questions of whether he became too old to continue in the position of president. He will be 86 at the end of the second term.

However, just days ago, the first US citizen (president’s wife) Jill Biden gave a very clear indication that President Joe Biden would be running for a second term. He said so in a special interview with The Associated Press.

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