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Kill yourself to be with girlfriend! Woman exposed after 6 years



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Husband fakes death to be with girlfriend in US
The lie was exposed when someone informed her via direct messages that Tim was alive.
He had an affair with a girl for six years

Washington, An American recently made a shocking statement on social media. Anesa Rossi from San Diego, California claimed on Tik Tok that her husband Tim spread fake news of her death so he could live with his girlfriend in Mexico. Annessa also said in the video that she believed in her husband’s death and even made preparations for his funeral. Months later, she was shocked to learn that her husband was still alive and living with his girlfriend.

According to Anesa, she was told that Tim had committed suicide five months after their separation. He also began to hold the last rites for her. Anesa told users that they had a heated argument over an issue and repented of it. Now he learns this shocking truth.

Annessa didn’t even know about the cover-up until Tim’s funeral in Florida. According to her, she has a bad relationship with Tim’s family and they advised her not to attend the funeral. In another video shared by her on Tik Tok, Annessa claimed that Tim’s parents called her to tell them that Tim had taken his own life. She said those lies came to light when someone informed her through direct messages that Tim was alive. He had had a love affair with a girl for six years.

Tim also responded to these allegations in a video shared on Tick Talk and said he never faked his death. He said it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever done in his life. According to Tim, Anesa was not ready for a divorce and there was a fight between them over many issues. Due to these issues, Tim said he started living far away in Mexico. He also said in the video that Anesa lied about his mother being in a coma for months.

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