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Kim Jong disagreed! Ballistic missile contaminated again, South Korea is under tension



Seoul: North Korea again fired a ballistic missile. Dictator Kim Jong Un did so days after Pyongyang threatened to shoot down US spy planes that violated its airspace. The Seoul army gave this information on Wednesday. Referring to the Sea of ​​Japan, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said: “North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile towards the East Sea.”

Relations between the two countries are at an all-time low. Diplomacy has stalled and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has declared his country a nuclear state and called for increased development of a range of weapons, including nuclear weapons. In response, Seoul and Washington pledged that Pyongyang would face a nuclear response. If he ever used his nuclear weapons against allies, it would be the “end” of the current government in North Korea.

On Monday, North Korea accused a US spy plane of violating its airspace and condemned plans to deploy nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines near the Korean peninsula. A spokesperson for the Northern Department of National Defense said the United States had stepped up spy activity beyond the war footing this month, citing eight straight days of US spy plane flights and a reconnaissance aircraft entering its airspace.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong’s new craze that saying “I love you” can now lead to the death penalty

South Korea and the United States are set to begin their major annual joint military exercise, known as the Ulchi Freedom Shield, next month. North Korea opposes it. That is why he himself quickly embarked on the expansion of nuclear weapons.

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