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Kim Jong Un justifies nuclear weapons, says they’re needed to protect ‘our children’ from US attacks



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Kim Jong said nuclear weapons are needed to defend against a US attack.
The comments came after Kim’s daughter made her first public appearance.
It is said that Kim Jong’s plan is to make the girl his successor.

Pyongyang. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again given a clear indication to the world to continue his nuclear weapons program, saying nuclear weapons are needed to save “our children” from US attack. The official media of North Korea gave this information on Sunday. This comment from the North Korean dictator came a day after Kim’s daughter appeared in public for the first time. Kim is said to have featured the girl publicly to emphasize the rationale for the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

According to a report from NK News, after giving this justification for the development of nuclear weapons, it is now clear that dictator Kim made his daughter publicly present at the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday. Why did you choose to keep While some experts have speculated that Kim made her first public appearance as part of a strategy to make her daughter her successor.

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A front-page article in North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper on Sunday said Kim prepared the country’s nuclear missiles as a “memorial” to be passed on to future generations. The article states that Kim Jong-un is building nuclear weapons “to prevent the heartbreaking situation of our children wandering the streets for food after losing their mothers to enemy shelling from happening again.” He states that “Kim is as determined in his pursuit of nuclear weapons development as the hostile forces hate us and try to steal the bright smiles from the faces of our children”.

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