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Kim Jong Un Threatens US Again, Says – North Korea Will Push With Nuclear Weapons And Missiles



Strong points

North Korea will never give up nuclear weapons.
The North Korean leader has targeted America with his statements.
Kim Jong Un also criticized South Korea.

Pyongyang. North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, is still under discussion around the world for his dictatorship and stubbornness. The North Korean leader once again targeted America with his statements. North Korean state media reported on Friday that Kim had insisted his country would never give up the nuclear weapons needed to counter the United States. He accused the United States of undermining the country’s security and ultimately overthrowing his government.

According to a report by the AP news agency, Kim Jong Un gave a speech in North Korea’s parliament on Thursday and during it he made the remark. Along with this, a law was also passed in the North Korean parliament. Parliamentarians passed a law governing the use of nuclear weapons. What Kim described as a step to strengthen and clarify the country’s nuclear position. He said that these weapons will not be negotiated.

The law passed automatically gives the army the right to carry out nuclear strikes against enemy forces, if its leaders are attacked.

Growing regional tensions can be understood from these comments by Kim. Kim also criticized South Korea’s plans to expand its traditional capabilities and restart large-scale military exercises with the United States to counter growing threats.

Kim threatened to escalate the nuclear conflict in the United States and its allies in Asia. Along with this, he also warned that North Korea would actively use its nuclear weapons if threatened. The North Korean leader’s comments highlighted growing hostility in the region. Kim is rapidly expanding its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

Kim has launched more than 30 ballistic weapons this year in weapons testing at a record pace, including the first demonstration of its intercontinental ballistic missiles since 2017. Kim is constantly testing ballistic weapons at sea.

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