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“King Kong” of weight loss drugs will soon be available on the American market



Washington. Very soon, King Kong of weight loss drugs will be in the market (US market) and will leave behind all the drugs so far. This claim was made by the American company Eli Lilly. He says that all these drugs that currently occupy the market will be left behind because all these drugs have side effects and these drugs only give long-term side effects. It has been said about the new drug that it is completely different from the old and unsuccessful methods and its results will be available at the fastest speed.

The results of the tests that have been done regarding the drug are encouraging and it is expected that the US drug controllers will clear the launch of this new drug soon. With the new drug, weight loss, obesity and other related diseases can be treated. Currently in the United States, this segment with a market value of over $300 billion has been waiting for this drug for decades.

After long research, an effective medicine has been developed on obesity
Daniel Skowronsky, scientific and medical director at pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, said that in every assignment we take on, we first look at what our competitors have done. More importantly, who did this job the fastest? And then we set ourselves the goal of going even faster. Speed ​​becomes our number one motivation, which is difficult because it’s a cultural change.’ Since changing its approach, in stages over the past decade, Lilly’s overall R&D output has been among the most prodigious in the industry. The company has 19 new prescription drugs approved in the United States or other countries since 2014 for conditions including cancer, migraine and COVID-19. This reduced their development timeline from 11 to an average of six years.

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