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Korean boy’s amazing dance to Bhojpuri song, amazing dance steps, watch video full of entertainment



Bhojpuri song dance video: The South Korean boy band BTS is famous all over the world. People all over the world enjoy listening to his music and dancing to it. It’s not just their songs, BTS’ incredible choreography often goes viral, both in their music videos and live performances. Many Indian fans edit their choreography with America songs. Now, another BTS video ‘Dancing’ to Thin Kamariya Mori by Nirala Bharti and Shilpi Raj Choti has caught the attention of many.

In a video shared by Instagram user @angel_jimin_786, BTS can be seen dancing to the popular song Bhojpuri. The clip shows the music video for the song Dynamite. The edited version of the Bhojpuri song plays on this song. The song seems to match BTS’ choreography. Original Dynamite music video shared by HYBE LABEL on YouTube. This video was shared on December 9. Since it was uploaded, more than two million people have liked it.

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