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Lack of interest in physical relationships can lead to premature death, shocking study of men



Japanese study on sexual interest: Researchers from Japan’s Yamagata University conducted a study. In this study, it was claimed that the risk of premature death was observed more in those who are not interested in sex. According to this new study, due to lack of sexual interest, there are more signs of risk of premature death among men living in Japan. Based on the research, the researchers hypothesized that low interest in sex might be a more encouraging sign of minor underlying health issues. This study by researchers from the University of Japan was published in the journal PLOS One.

The researchers prepared this entire study on data from 20,969 people. In it, 8,558 men and 12,411 women aged 40 or over were included. It all led to Yamaga Prefecture, the famous mountainous region of Japan known for its hot springs, temples, and natural beauty.
I had had my annual health check for six years.

The research team from Yamagata University sought to know the level of sexual interest of the subjects as self-reported in a preliminary questionnaire. This survey was made after a long time. Based on this data, it was found that out of 20,969, 503 had died during this period. The researchers found that men who reported low interest in sex reported significantly higher cancer mortality and all-cause mortality.

The researchers write that it may also be due to other factors, including age, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption, BMI, education, marital status, frequency of laughter and psychological distress. Although sexual activity and sexual satisfaction are considered good for psychological health and well-being. But the relationship between sexual interest and longevity has not been studied.

This study would be the first to prospectively examine the causal relationship between sexual interest and all-cause mortality, and cardiovascular and cancer mortality, in a community population.

The study also found that women were more likely to report decreased sexual interest than men. In the sample, 16% of women did, while 8% of male volunteers expressed a desire to have less sexual interest.

During this research, the researchers also estimated that in the set of samples included in this study, approximately 200 LGBTQ people could also become participants. Very specific questions could be asked. The researchers believe that in future research, LGBTQ groups may be part of the sample.

Researchers believe that maintaining sexual interest may have a positive effect on longevity. Despite the limitations of the study, the researchers also argue for increased awareness of sexual interest as a public health factor among the elderly population in Japan.

The study authors said the Canadian government has begun to support sexual activity as part of the Aging Well program through public health promotional materials. Researchers believe that in Japan there is more gender bias among older people than in the Western world. The researchers expressed the hope that the sexual relations would be useful in promoting public health in Japan.

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