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Mad dictator! Kim Jong Un’s call, ‘Prepare for nuclear attack’…’Superpower’ on target



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Dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened a nuclear attack.
Kim is very angry at the joint military exercises of South Korea and America.
North Korea also fired a missile on Sunday morning.

Seoul. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un remains in the spotlight for his dictatorial attitude. He is also known for his threats. Kim threatened again. But this time he threatened a nuclear attack. State media KCNA said on Monday that Kim had threatened to use nuclear weapons at any time to prevent war, accusing the US and South Korea of ​​expanding joint military exercises involving US nuclear assets. called to be ready to attack.

According to Reuters, Kim’s threat came as the isolated country conducted exercises aimed at improving its strategic nuclear strike capabilities and war deterrence on Saturday and Sunday to send stern warnings against enemy countries, KCNA reported. During the exercise, a ballistic missile fitted with a mock nuclear warhead traveled 800 km (497 mi) before hitting a target at an altitude of 800 m (0.5 mi) in a scenario of tactical nuclear strike, KCNA said.

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Suffice to say that South Korea and Japan had reported on Sunday the test of a North Korean short-range ballistic missile from the east coast. Which is the latest in a series of missile tests in recent weeks. Significantly, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is very angry at the joint military exercise by South Korea and America. He has repeatedly attacked both countries over this.

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Meanwhile, North Korea described the joint South Korea-US military exercise as a rehearsal for an attack on it. The two countries have been conducting their annual exercise since the beginning of this month. KCNA said in another bulletin that about 800,000 students and workers across the country on Friday expressed their willingness to enlist in the military to counter the United States.

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