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Major devastation in Ukraine: 50 soldiers killed in 24 hours, dozens of vehicles destroyed; Claims to have killed 2500 Ukrainian soldiers in 1 week



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50 Ukrainian soldiers killed during an attempt to liberate the Luhansk region
The Russian army killed around 2,500 Kyiv soldiers in a week
Ukraine suffered the heaviest losses in terms of troops and equipment on the “Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog front”

Kyiv, Ukraine suffered heavy losses in its attempt to liberate the Luhansk region from Russia. According to a report by the Russian news agency TASS, at least 50 Ukrainian soldiers have died in battles with the forces of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) in the past 24 hours. While briefing on Wednesday, LPR Defense Ministry spokesman Ivan Filipponenko said that Ukraine had suffered heavy losses of troops and military equipment as a result of the active offensive actions of the popular militia of the LPR. The People’s Militia quoted Filiponenko on his Telegram channel as saying 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attack. One tank, 3 armored personnel carriers and 13 special vehicles were eliminated.

2,500 Ukrainian soldiers piled up in a week
After stepping up its attacks on Ukraine, the Russian army killed some 2,500 soldiers in Kyiv in just one week. A report by the Russian news agency TASS claimed that the Russian armed forces eliminated more than 2,500 Ukrainian and foreign mercenaries during their special military operation in Ukraine last week. The number is one and a half times greater than the number of soldiers killed a week ago. The report further states that from October 17 to 23, Ukraine suffered the heaviest losses in terms of troops and equipment on the “Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog front”.

Ukraine destroyed 180 tanks
During these attacks by Russia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 180 tanks and more than 170 vehicles of various types. Additionally, Russia destroyed three Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters and one Su-25 aircraft in the attack the day before. Russian aviation, missile and artillery units destroyed several American M777 howitzers, two American-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems, as well as a German MARS-2 multiple rocket launcher system and a unit of self-propelled artillery PzH 2000.

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