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Man divorces wife without giving anything, slaps court, orders Rs 1.7 crore in compensation for domestic work



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A Spanish court has ordered a man to pay Rs 1.75 crore as compensation to his divorced wife.
The woman was ordered to pay 204,000 euros as compensation for domestic work for 25 years.
Ivana Moral married her husband in 1995. He filed for divorce in 2020.

Madrid. A Spanish court has ordered a businessman to pay 204,000 euros (around Rs 1.7 crore) as compensation to his divorced wife for doing housework for 25 years. According to a media report, Ivana Moral, the divorced wife of the businessman, will receive this huge sum after the divorce. Those who have never received money in their entire married life to take care of household chores for 25 years. Ivana Moral married her husband in 1995. He filed for divorce in 2020.

During their 25-year marriage, the wife’s husband established a successful gym business and bought a 70-hectare olive oil farm worth around 400,000 euros. Along with this, he increased his wealth a lot and bought luxury cars and other expensive things. While according to his wife Moral, he never received any money. Even before their marriage, her husband asked her to sign a separation agreement. That all his money was going to stay with him at the time of the divorce. The woman was to obtain only a share of the common property.

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Moral said it was clearly a case of abuse. Her ex-husband gave nothing after the divorce. Due to which she was completely out financially. This person had given nothing for his 2 daughters as well. A judge then condemned Moral’s ex-husband to pay 204,000 euros in compensation as well as 500 euros per month in alimony. He was also asked to pay 400 euros and 600 euros per month to his two daughters, aged 20 and 14. After that, Moral said I decided to speak to the media because I wanted women to know that we could claim compensation for housework.

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