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Many countries including America imposed ‘Covid ban’ on China, says – Citizens’ safety needed, passengers will have to do this job



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America said – amid rising infection, cautious action has been taken on the basis of public health.
The United States called the decision based on public health and science
Besides the United States, other countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and France have also imposed similar Covid restrictions on travelers from China.

Washington, The White House has said there is no reason for Beijing to retaliate against the United States and other countries for imposing Covid restrictions on passengers from China. Regarding China’s reactions to the restrictions imposed on passengers by many countries, including the United States, due to Corona infection, the White House spokesperson said that amid the increase in infections, prudent measures have been taken based on public health.

Responding to a question about the ban on travelers from China, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: “There is no reason for retaliation here, because countries around the world worldwide are. We are taking careful measures for the safety of our citizens. He added that this decision was based on public health and science. Let us tell you that with America, other countries like the Japan, the UK and France are also imposing similar Covid restrictions on travelers from China.

Press officer Karine Jean-Pierre further said that the World Health Organization has also called on China to release more data, which is important to re-identify possible variants. According to America, they made this decision in the interest of their citizens. Let us tell you that currently all passengers from China to America will be required to submit a Covid-19 report.

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