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Married at 78, living in a roommate for 3 years, you will be surprised to know the age of the young girl



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The 78-year-old man and the girl met at a dinner party.
After living as a couple for about 3 years, they decided to get married.
Both married with the consent of their respective families.

You must have read many news related to love marriage on social media. But after reading the news we are going to tell you right now, you may also be shocked and wonder if love is really blind. In fact, in the Philippines, a 78-year-old man married a girl who is about 60 years younger than him. The age of the girl would be 18 years old. According to media reports, before the wedding, the elderly man and the girl had also been in a relationship for about three years. After that, after the consent of their family members, they got married. Rashid Mangkop, a 78-year-old man, is a farmer by profession.

According to the Mirror report, Rasheed had met 15-year-old Halima Abdullah at a dinner party in Cagayan province around three years ago. At the very first meeting, they fell in love with each other. After that, they both decided to live in. After being a couple for about three years, the two expressed their desire to get married in front of their respective families. After which the families of both gave their consent for the marriage. Then both were married in the presence of the family.

Rashid’s nephew, who became a 78-year-old groom, said the two’s marriage was not arranged but he loved the marriage. Both had been in love with each other for a long time. Rashid said his uncle was not married before and he was still single. Rashid’s nephew said father of the bride works for my uncle. For this reason, my uncle met Halima at a dinner party. The nephew recounted that after waiting about three years, the relationship of the two got the consent of the families.

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