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Martial law in Moscow! Russian President Putin recruits 2 million people in the war in Ukraine, know what the plan is



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Russia tries again to dominate the war in Ukraine
Putin may declare martial law in many cities
Rumored recruitment of 20 lakh people

Moscow. According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin will impose martial law in major cities, including Moscow. At the same time, Putin is going to recruit about 20 lakhs into the army so that Ukraine can restore Russia’s final supremacy in the war. About 3 lakh women will be recruited in this field. Although Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied such an imminent announcement, the Russian president failed to sign the decree needed to end the first wave of military recruitment, fueling the news.

According to the Daily Mail, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin’s speech in which he will make big announcements is not true. On the other hand, President Zelensky of Ukraine again warned Moscow. Zelensky said that for a permanent solution to the war, Russia should withdraw its troops from all occupied territories. In recent months there have been reports of Putin’s deteriorating health and now there is also a rumor that he will quit the post of president and hand over his power to someone.

martial law after mobilization
General SVR Telegram reportedly said that around 20 lakh people were to be recruited, of which 3 lakh would be women. Furthermore, the mobilization should coincide with the introduction of martial law, said Putin watcher Valery Solovyov, a former professor at the prestigious Moscow Institute of International Relations. It is about extending martial law either to the whole of Russia or to a significant part of its territory, including the capitals of Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Who will replace Putin?
There is a rumor that Sergei Kiriyenko could get Putin’s place. Currently, Sergei Kirienko is the Russian President’s authoritarian deputy chief of staff. He is also a former Prime Minister. Apart from this, the name of Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev has also been given prominence. He is the son of Nikolay Patrushev, Putin’s staunch security chief.

What is Martial Law?

In any country or region where martial law is imposed, the governance of that place passes into the hands of the military instead of the general public or the government. For this reason, it is also called military law or army law. As soon as this law is implemented, civil law is removed from the country or region and the control of the army begins. Meanwhile, the army has many rights. The military does not need permission from citizens, government or ministers to do anything. People are deprived of their civic rights.
Anyone who speaks out against martial law or incites people to oppose it is immediately arrested. The military can detain someone for any length of time. During martial law, only the military decides on any justice.

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