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Meat eaters beware! A walking worm can enter the brain, it will be visible through the skin



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Parasitic worms found in Vietnamese woman’s brain
Doctors say these worms entered by eating contaminated raw or undercooked meat.
Shortly after eating, she developed severe headaches and dizziness, fainting

Hanoi, How would you feel when you know there is a worm moving through your mind. Also when this worm can be seen on your skin. According to a Times Now news item, parasitic worms have been found inside the brain of a Vietnamese woman, which have been seen moving around under the skin of her hands. Insects can be seen moving under the skin in this shocking image. At the same time, doctors say they are surprised by this situation and do not yet know the cause of the infection.

However, doctors say these worms were introduced by eating contaminated raw or undercooked meat. According to media reports, the patient ate a local dish known as Tit Canh, also known as Blood Soup. It is a traditional Vietnamese dish made from fresh animal blood mixed with cooked meat. Soon after, she developed severe headaches and dizziness, fainting.

However, the woman has now been discharged from hospital after being prescribed medication to treat the infection. Doctors said she likely suffered from a tinea solium infection, which could have led to paralysis or death.

What is ringworm infection?
According to health experts, humans come into contact with pork tapeworm, scientifically known as Taenia Solium infection, after eating raw or undercooked pork carrying the worm or its eggs. The tapeworms that cause the infection are found worldwide and are thought to affect 2.5 million people every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can take 8 to 14 weeks for an infection to develop.

The CDC says there are likely fewer than 1,000 new cases in the United States each year. However, people who travel to areas where taeniasis is more common are at risk of contracting the disease. Doctors say the infection is more likely to develop in people whose immune systems are weak and unable to fight off the infection. Patients suffering from HIV, AIDS, diabetes and cancer can easily fall prey to this disease.

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