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‘Meeting someone like PM Modi…’: S Jaishankar calls Hanuman the best diplomat



Bangkok. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday that what is extraordinary about Prime Minister Modi is that he knows the pulse of many things, which he translates into policies and programmes. During his journey from diplomat to politician, Jaishankar said that as a diplomat he always worked with politicians but entering the world of 24×7 politics without weekends is different. Jaishankar is in Thailand to attend the 12th Mekong Ganga Cooperation Mechanism (MGC) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) Foreign Ministers’ Conference.

Addressing members of the Indian community soon after reaching Bangkok here, Jaishankar said, “I think it’s a great chance for the country to have a person like Prime Minister Modi at this time. And I’m not saying that because he’s today’s prime minister and I’m a member of his cabinet. I say that because when you have a single health issue in a century, only such a down-to-earth person can say okay there is a health issue, but what about people going home? what will you do to feed them; How are you going to put money in their account. A lot of people won’t get the idea that women are better at managing money.

Jaishankar said: “Good leaders are people who are down to earth, very experienced with what’s going on, but they also have a passion to take the country to a different level – very down to earth” And very visionary . And such people, I can tell you, come once in a lifetime. The Foreign Minister said that in his opinion the best diplomat of all time is Lord Hanuman.

Responding to a question about a book he had written recently, the Foreign Secretary said: “During the year between my diplomatic career and my entry into politics, I did not sit down and write a book during this period on how to make international politics work. “Also Mahabharata can serve as a guide. Mahabharata is like an art of governing, but if you also see Ramayana, if you ask me who I think is the best diplomat, I have only one answer, Lord Hanuman.

He added, “Hanuman is going to Lanka on behalf of Lord Ram, but let’s see it as a country, where you have to deal with something in an unknown place and you don’t have much information… You have to go. there intelligence has to find, find Sita… they also secretly make contact with Sita, keep her spirits up, set fire to it which is not my recipe for diplomats… but if you look at the whole situation If you look at it, it comes back successfully.

Efforts to revive the India-Myanmar-Thailand highway project
Jaishankar also spoke about the connectivity between Thailand and India. Jaishankar said, “The real challenge ahead of us today, which we are working on, is how to build road connectivity between Thailand. We have this project going through North East India, if we build a road through Myanmar and that road connects with the road being built through Thailand. He said better road connectivity will bring a huge change in the movement of goods, the movement of people.

Project suspended due to the situation in Myanmar
The Foreign Minister said: “But it has been a very difficult project. This project was very difficult, mainly due to the situation in Myanmar. It is one of our priorities today that how to revive this project, how to make it operational and how to make it a major part of the project has been built.

70% of 1,400 km of motorway works completed
Significantly, India, Thailand and Myanmar are working on a highway of about 1,400 km, which will connect the three countries to Southeast Asia by land and promote trade, commerce, health, education and tourism between the three countries. . 70% of works of the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway project have been completed.

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