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Menstrual leave: women will have leave during menstruation, this country made a law, approved paid medical leave



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The Spanish Parliament has passed a law on leave during menstruation.
From now on, women suffering from pain during their periods will benefit from paid sick leave.
Spain has become the first European country to pass such a law.

Madrid. The Spanish Parliament has taken a big decision regarding menstrual leave during menstruation. Parliament approved legislation on Thursday providing paid medical leave for women with severe menstrual pain. Spain has become the first European country to pass such a law. Let us tell you that Spain is the fourth most populous country in the European Union.

According to the AFP news agency, Spain’s leftist government said it passed the law with 154 votes against and 185 votes in favour. His goal is to break a taboo on this subject. It is known that menstrual leave is currently granted only in a few countries in the world such as Japan, Indonesia and Zambia.

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Spain’s Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, tweeted about the law, saying: “This is a historic day for feminist progress. This step is a big step towards solving a health problem that was largely buried somewhere in the pile of important questions. He said under the new law, employees with menstrual pain would be entitled to leave for as long as they needed. The Spanish national social security system will pay for this leave, not the employer.

After the law was initially approved by cabinet in May 2022, Montero said the rules would no longer be a taboo. “No more working with pain, no more taking pills before we get to work, and no more hiding the fact that we are in pain and unable to work,” he said. However, this law has created divisions between Spanish politicians and trade unions.

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