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Midterm elections: the Democratic Party controls the US Senate, Republican hopes dashed



Washington: In the midterm elections held in America, the Democratic Party again regained control of the Senate for 2 years. At the same time, the hopes of the Republican Party to arrive at the “majority” have been disappointed. The Associated Press news agency gave this information. The victory in Nevada was crucial for the Republican and Democratic parties to gain control of the Senate. With the victory of Senator Catherine Cortez Maisto in Nevada, the Democratic Party has 50 seats out of the 100 members of the Senate and its majority remains intact. Senate House Leader Chuck Schumer claimed victory Saturday night. He tweeted, “Most for the Democratic Party in the Senate.”

Catherine Cortez Maisto defeated Republican candidate Adam Laxalt in a very close contest. Maisto’s victory is a setback for the Republican Party, which was convinced of his defeat. Laxalt had the support of former US President Donald Trump. The US Senate is currently split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. After the Nevada results, Georgia is now the only remaining state, where competition continues between the two sides. If Democratic Sen. Rafael Wernack wins in Georgia on Dec. 6 against Republican nominee Herschel Walker, the majority of Democrats will rise to 51-49.

Republican candidate Blake Masters was defeated in Arizona by Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, a former astronaut. Uncertainty about the future of the House of Representatives remains, however, as the Republican Party tries to maintain its modest majority there. The vote took place on November 8 for both houses of the US Congress (parliament), the Senate and the House of Representatives. The newly elected Senate will be sworn in on January 3. US President Joe Biden called the midterm elections a good day for democracy on Wednesday. At the same time, he said that our democracy has been tested in recent years, but with the votes of the American people, we have once again proven that democracy is what we are. President Biden has said Republicans are very optimistic about the midterm elections.

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