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Migrant boat capsizes in Florida due to Hurricane Ian, 23 missing



Strong points

The US Coast Guard has launched a search operation for 23 missing persons.
Four people on the boat reached the shore and informed of the accident.
Due to the storm in Cuba, there was a nationwide blackout on Tuesday evening.

New Delhi. Reporting on Wednesday, the US Border Patrol said 23 people are missing off the coast of Florida after a Cuban migrant boat sank due to Hurricane Ian. Border Patrol agents reported the matter when a migrant landed in Stock Island, Florida. Reporting on Twitter, officials said the US Coast Guard had launched a search operation for 23 missing people. Patrol chief officer Walter Schlosser said four Cuban migrants swam ashore after their ship sank due to bad weather. Local media said all four were admitted to hospital.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the storm wreaked havoc in Cuba. 11 million people faced problems due to power failure. The western end of the island was devastated by high winds and flooding. Early Wednesday, the public power provider said it had started restoring power to the eastern end of the island. Due to this storm, Cuba’s electricity grid was shut down on Tuesday evening. The whole country was plunged into darkness all night. The hurricane hit Cuba during a time of severe economic crisis. Power outages, shortages of food, medicine and fuel have long plagued Cubans. In such a situation, the storm added to their troubles. U.S. officials said Tuesday that seven Cuban immigrants were arrested in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Officials announced the detentions on Twitter Tuesday, saying, “Do not put your life at risk attempting this sea voyage. Hurricanes with King Tide can create hazardous ocean conditions even after the storm has passed.” The storm started on Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday with high winds and rain.

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