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Mikey Hothi: Who is California’s first Sikh Mayor Mikey Hothi, who won in America



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Was first elected to Lodi City Council, District 5, in November 2020
The family played an important role in establishing the Gurudwara on Armstrong Road
Newly elected Mayor Hothi is a business owner and entrepreneur

Mikey Hothi, Sikh Mayor of California: In Northern California, America, the Indian diaspora has been stung once again. from Punjab mickey was (Mikey Hothi) was elected mayor of the city of Lodi in Northern California (first Sikh mayor in California) of America. Mickey Hothi is the first Sikh from this city. Mayor have chosen. Mickey Hothi has added a new chapter in the history of Lodi City. This position is considered highly respected and important in the city.

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Mickey Hothi, originally from Punjab, is the unanimously elected mayor. His parents are from Punjab, India. Punjabis living in California and India are jubilant after being elected to the city’s highest office. Hothi was reportedly nominated by newly elected councilor Lisa Craig, who won the November election for Mayor Mark Chandler’s seat.

Mickey Hothi tweeted on Friday that I am honored to be sworn in as the 117th Mayor of the City of Lodi. After being elected mayor, Mickey Hothi will first chair the Town Council meeting as the town’s executive officer. According to local news Lodi Times, the mayor said it was a safe city. Nice people, good education, great culture and hard working people live in this city.

Mickey Hothi is said to have graduated from Tokay High School in 2008. Meanwhile, for the first time, he was elected from District 5 of the Lodi City Council in November 2020. According to local reports, the town of Lodi is located in Sun Jacqueline County, California, which has a population of 67,021 according to the 2021 census.

According to local media, his family was also instrumental in establishing the Gurdwara on Armstrong Road. Hothi said our experience is similar to that of the Hispanic community that came before us, such as the Greek and German communities. Hothi is the owner and entrepreneur of several businesses and continues to successfully manage these businesses today.

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