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Minister to the French government, Marilyn Schiappa, posed for Playboy magazine, the government surrounded the government and gave this answer…



Paris. The French government’s women’s minister, Marilyn Schiapa, is facing criticism from members of her own party these days. He had posed for the cover of Playboy magazine, known for his bold photos, for which party members began attacking him. Currently Merlin is Minister of Social Economy and French Associations in the country. Not only that, French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born also opposed it and called it fake. But during this demonstration, Marilyn wrote: “Women can do what they want with their bodies…”

The Prime Minister and left-wing critics also believe that the Minister of Social Economy and Associations was wrong with his latest publicity stunt. Posing for Playboy with a 12-page interview on women’s and gay rights and abortion isn’t right. Marilyn wrote on Twitter on Saturday, “Women can do whatever they want with their bodies…and we must protect their rights everywhere, all the time.”

Marilyn has been a long-time activist for women’s rights and in 2017 she was named France’s first Minister for Gender Equality. Schiapa gave an interview to the magazine about women and LGBT rights. Marilyn wears a white dress on the cover photo of the magazine.

On this, French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born said it was unfair, especially when the country is going through such a situation. France is currently going through a political and social crisis. There was an outcry in the country after President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to reform the pension law. Protests are taking place on a large scale across the country.

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