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“Mom, mum, mum kept screaming…” Young black man dies from merciless beatings by US police, 5 defendants arrested, protests erupt



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In the video, 29-year-old Nicholls can be seen being assaulted by officers
The young man died during treatment in hospital
Hundreds of protesters took to the streets Friday night to demand an end to police brutality.

Washington, After video of the brutal beating and death of a black man by US police emerged, a series of protests began in Times Square. According to a report by the Reuters news agency, in this video released by the police, Tyr Nichols, a 29-year-old black man, can be heard shouting his mother’s name as he is beaten by the officers. Later, the young man died while being treated in hospital.

According to reports, hundreds of protesters took to the streets late Friday night to demand justice for Nichols in New York and an end to police brutality. Charges have been laid against five police officers for the murder of the youth. Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said although the officers played different roles in the murder, they were all responsible. Let us tell you that during a traffic stop, the officers had a run-in with Nichols.

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