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More scary news: bird flu confirmed in dolphins and porpoises for the first time



New Delhi: Another frightening news about bird flu has come to the world, which has been battling the ravages of different epidemics and diseases for some time. Avian flu has been confirmed in dolphins and porpoises. Avian flu has been confirmed in a bottlenose dolphin found dead in a Florida canal last spring, scientists said Wednesday. A week earlier, a similar infection had been confirmed in porpoises in Sweden. Swedish authorities have reported that the same type of bird flu has been found in porpoises.

Avian flu has spread widely among birds in North America and Europe. This variant of the virus has affected a wide range of species. However, so far only two cases have been confirmed in a group of marine mammals including dolphins, porpoises and whales. But these two cases have forced scientists to do research.

It’s too early to say the virus typically infects marine mammals as well, said Richard Webby, an influenza virologist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. However, he also said the way it was confirmed in two different species on two different continents, suggests there will definitely be more cases.

Dr Webby added that globally, our surveillance activity is never sensitive to just two incidents like this, but now our team is working closely with the Florida team for a follow-up study. . Let us tell you that Dr. Webby was not involved in the process of initially identifying viruses in dolphins and porpoises.

It should be noted that last month, more than 5 million chicks were killed after the confirmation of avian flu in a poultry farm in the American state of Iowa. Due to the rapid spread of bird flu in America, zoos in North America are segregating their birds from humans and other wildlife. Infected wild birds have been found in at least 24 provinces and the virus has been spreading to migratory waterfowl in Europe and Asia for nearly a year.

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