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Mother of 16 is pregnant again, never use ‘detention’! Pregnant for 14 consecutive years



Becoming a mother is undoubtedly a special experience for any woman, but the journey to becoming a mother is very difficult. At present, women only want one or two children so that their body is not burdened and they can fulfill the duty of being their mother. But an American woman loves being a mother again and again. She has given birth to 16 children so far, the 17th child (Woman of 16 children again pregnant) is about to be born and she too has a strange desire.

According to report from The Sun site, the husband of Patty Hernandez, 40, who lives in North Carolina, America, is called Carlos, who is 39 years old and has 16 children (mother of 16 children) and now she is pregnant again. To pay tribute to her husband Carlos, all the children were named with the letter C. The woman said that her husband took good care of the children and the house. He runs a cleaning business.

Patty has been pregnant continuously for 14 years
You will be surprised to learn that Patty has been pregnant continuously for 14 years. She gives birth to a child every year. They have a total of 6 boys, 10 girls and 6 twins. Their children include Carlos Jr., 14, Christopher, 13, Carla 11, Caitlin 11, Christian 10, Celeste 10, Christina 9, Calvin 7, Catherine 7, Carol 4, Caleb 5, Caroline 5, Camilla 4, Charlotte 3 years old, Crystal is 2 years old and Clayton is 1 year old.

do not use deterrence
Last year, in May, the last child was born, but now his younger brother is about to arrive. The woman said she was 13 weeks pregnant and the check-up revealed she was to give birth to a son. The woman said – I am 14 years pregnant and I am very happy about it. Now I will give birth to my 17th child, which is very important to me. Patty said she wanted to increase the number of children to 20. She takes all her children anywhere by minibus. About Rs. 70,000 is spent on family food every week, most of it going to take lunch to school. Patty said she never used birth control, leaving everything to God. He said if God wills we will conceive and if not we will not.

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