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Murderous dance and espionage… this woman who was a beauty queen killed 50 thousand people



Mata Hari: You must have heard the names of many male spies by now, but today we are going to tell you about the greatest female spies in history. This is the story of Mata Hari. Mata Hari was born on August 7, 1876 in the Netherlands. Mata Hari was married to an officer in the Royal Dutch Army, who was stationed in Indonesia. Both lived on the island of Java, then in the Dutch East Indies. It was in Indonesia that she joined a dance company and changed her name from Margaret Geertoida Jele to Mata Hari. She was no ordinary woman, she was a spy. Even after 100 years of Mata Hari’s death, it’s a mystery whether she was a spy for France or Germany. (All photos: Instagram)


The true story of Mata Hari remains a mystery even after 100 years of his death. Mata Hari was born on August 7, 1876 in the Netherlands.


Mata Hari has been described as the greatest spy in history. Based on the information given by this woman, Germany had killed more than 50,000 French soldiers during the First World War.


Mata Hari was also a great dancer. By the time of World War I, she had become famous as a dancer and stripper in Paris. People from many countries and senior army officers came to see his program. Mata Hari had a name all over Europe.


Margaret Geertoida Jelle aka Mata Hari is the most famous name in the world of espionage. In Paris, he mesmerizes people with his seductive looks and his name has become a household name. Back in the Netherlands, Mata Hari divorced her husband in 1907 and settled in Paris as a professional dancer. In Paris, Mata Hari lived as the mistress of a French politician for a year.


Meanwhile, the French government persuaded Mata Hari to spy. During World War I, the French government had obtained a lot of important information from German military officers by using Mata Hari as a weapon. The world is still trying to find out if this woman was a spy for France or Germany. At the age of 41, Mata Hari was shot for spying for Germany.