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Muslim leaders fared well in US elections, 80 candidates won big



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More than 80 American Muslims win midterm elections
145 Muslim American candidates participated in these elections.
71 Muslim American candidates have been elected in the 2020 elections

Washington, In the midterm elections held in America, this time the Muslim candidates largely won. In this election, more than 80 American Muslims won the results. The American Muslim organization Council on American-Islamic Relations, assessing the results of the midterm elections, said in its report that the 2022 midterm elections were a historic election for the Muslim community. According to the organization, 145 Muslim American candidates ran in local, state and federal elections in 23 states.

80 American Muslims won

According to a report by CAIR and the Jetpack Resource Center, more than 80 Muslim candidates have won local, state, federal and judicial seats in more than 20 states. CAIR and the Jetpack Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that works to increase Muslim representation in American government and politics. It’s the biggest election win among American Muslims since Jetpack and CAIR began tracking. According to the organization, 71 candidates were elected in 2020.

Jetpack created a record of Muslims running for state legislative seats. According to the data, this time, 17 new Muslim candidates ran and won the elections. Mohammed Missouri, executive director of Jetpack, said all of the state’s Muslim lawmakers who ran for re-election retained their seats. He said it’s a big deal.

First Somali Muslim woman becomes MP

In Minnesota, Zainab Mohamed, 25, a Democrat, became the first Somali-Muslim woman to be elected to the state Senate. In Georgia, four American Muslims were elected to state offices. This includes Democrat Ruva Roman, the first Muslim woman elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, and Nabila Islam, the first Muslim woman elected to the Georgia Senate. In Texas, the top two Muslim lawmakers are Democrats Salman Bhojani, who won House District 92 in Tarrant County, and Suleiman Lalani, who won House District 76 in Fort Bend County. .

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