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My girlfriend was fighting every day, her boyfriend gave such a painful death; the police were also surprised



New York. There was a stir in the American city of Brooklyn, when people smelled a corpse smell coming from an apartment. People immediately notified the police. As soon as the information was received, the police arrived on the scene and opened the closed apartment. The police were blown away as soon as they walked inside. There was blood everywhere here. During the investigation, the police found a suitcase. The pieces of the corpse were kept in this suitcase. After this incident, there is a feeling in the whole neighborhood and people are scared. The incident happened on Wednesday.

According to the police, on Wednesday people reported that a foul smell was coming from an apartment. When the team went there and saw that this apartment was on the sixth floor. The condition inside indicated that a painful incident happened here and he was brutally murdered. When the police investigated and inquired, it was found that the body whose body was found is a girl. His age is 20 years old. This girl is said to have been missing for several days.

the police suspect her boyfriend
Police say the girl’s boyfriend may be involved in the murder. He beat her mercilessly. After killing him, the accused cut his body into pieces and stuffed it into a suitcase. The police are said to have identified the accused. The police raided many places looking for him. He says the accused will soon be arrested.

boy used to fight with girl everyday
People around told the police that the boyfriend and the girl were arguing every day. The sounds of her screams could be heard from outside. Many times people ignored this thing. The police sealed the apartment regarding this incident. No one is allowed to go there. As soon as this news reached the region, people were scared. People are in a terrible panic. The police called on the population not to trust any foreigner.

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