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Mysterious death of husband, wrote a book in memory of such a grieving wife! Reality came out after investigation



In Indian tradition, the companionship of husband and wife lasts for seven births. Although it is not believed in western countries, but there too husband and wife love each other immensely and swear to live and die together. But when fate decides to separate them, everything changes. With the disappearance of either, the other partner is forced to die in an instant. The same thing happened with an American woman (American woman accused of murdering her husband) whose husband died mysteriously. She became so sad that she gave words to this grief and wrote a children’s book in memory of her husband. But this whole incident is not as simple as we told you.

As part of News84Media America ‘Brutal Women Series’, today we will be discussing a recent case in which a woman is accused of killing her own husband. According to CNN News, 33-year-old Kouri Richins, who lives in Utah, USA, is a mother of 3 boys and she was married to Eric Richins for nearly 9 years. But on March 3, 2022, Eric passed away suddenly, which turned Corey’s life upside down. Eric was in business and Corey was also a real estate agent. When one of her deals was finalized, she had brought a bottle of liquor to her husband to celebrate the same. After giving her husband a drink, she went to one of her sons’ room because he was starting to be afraid of nightmares at night.

Mysterious death of her husband
When she reached Eric’s room around 3 p.m., she saw that he was lying dead on the floor. Corey immediately called the police. After which the autopsy of the corpse took place. The inquest revealed that Eric had died of a fentanyl overdose. Fentanyl overdose is a drug and this drug was found in Eric’s body in 5 times its amount. Upon seeing the report, the police suspected Corey. But she wanted proof that she had killed her husband by giving him poison.

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A few days after her husband’s death, she wrote a children’s book in his memory. (Photo: Twitter/@901Lulu)

Wrote a book in memory of her husband
By the end of the year, Corey had written a children’s book in memory of her husband, Are You With Me? (Are you with me?) For the promotion of the book, Cori appeared on different podcast shows and told everyone that she was deeply saddened by the death of her husband. She tries that the soul of the husband (perpetrator of the husband’s murder) stays in the house and takes care of the whole family. Meanwhile, the police pulled out a search warrant and checked Corey’s cell phone. There they found a message that Cori had sent to a friend, in which she asked for some kind of painkiller, which was just fentanyl. The friend had given him 15 to 20 pills.

The husband expressed his fear of killing
Apart from the message, Eric’s family also told the police many things related to Cory, which proved that he was involved in this murder. The family said Eric said Corey would be responsible if anything happened to them. Eric had also told the family that Corey had tried to poison him twice. Once Eric and Corey went on vacation to Greece, Eric called his sister and told her that Corey had given her a drink, which infuriated him. On February 14, 2022, Eric suddenly passed out on the dining table. Then some of his friends came over for Valentine’s Day dinner. After regaining consciousness, Eric had told a friend that he suspected his wife of wanting to kill him.

The husband had been evicted from the property
Another big piece of evidence came from Eric’s life insurance company. In January 2022, Corey changed the beneficiary of Eric’s policy, which was his friend, to his own name. As soon as the company contacted Eric about this, he changed his name again. Additionally, Eric had changed his wife’s name in the power of attorney and made his sister a beneficiary in the will. Corey learned after Eric’s death that Eric had his name removed, after which he began suing Eric’s family. Seeing all this evidence, the police arrested Corey. He is now in jail and the next hearing will be on May 19. Then the judge will decide whether she will stay in jail or not before the trial begins.

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