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Mysterious ‘ghostly’ figure seen at King Charles’ coronation



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On the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III, an incident caught the attention of the people.
Onlookers saw a hooded, masked figure in the hallway outside the lobby.
Now the videos of this bizarre incident are going viral.

London. King Charles III was crowned King of the United Kingdom on May 6. This was the first coronation of a king in the country’s history in 70 years. The coronation ceremony was held with fanfare at Westminster Abbey in London, as the ceremonial salutes of guns rang out over land and sea. More than 2,000 guests attended the important occasion. Many of them were members of royal families, dignitaries and high-level politicians. The live broadcast of the ceremony has been carried out. Thus, those who could not be present on site were also able to watch this broadcast. But on this occasion, an incident definitely caught the attention of everyone in the world.

Something strange and mysterious happened in the middle of this celebration. Viewers watching the live broadcast from their homes saw a hooded, masked figure in the hallway outside the lobby, holding a sickle-shaped object. The appearance of this character caused a sensation on the Internet. Now the videos of this strange incident are going viral and many speculations are being made. Some have speculated that the mysterious coronation figure may have been a member of the clergy or simply a case of mistaken identity. On the other hand, a lot of other people got really serious about it.

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