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NASA made a great discovery, made astronauts drink water from urine



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NASA has succeeded in making drinking water from the urine and sweat of astronauts.
This NASA step is highly appreciated.

Washington. The American space agency NASA has achieved a major success. NASA has succeeded in converting approximately 98% of the urine and sweat of astronauts living on the International Space Station into drinking water. Every astronaut on the space station needs a gallon of water a day for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The astronauts used systems that were part of the ECLSS (Enviroment Control and Life Support System) system for this discovery.

The hardware that makes up ECLSS includes water harvesting systems. Which collects waste water and sends it to the entire water processor. Then drinking water is produced. Explain that an advanced dehumidifier is used to collect moisture released into the cabin air by cabin crew breath and sweat. Apart from this, water is extracted from urine using urine processor assembly, vacuum distillation.

Christopher Brown, a member of the Johnson Space Center team that runs the space station’s life support systems, said BPA increased the amount of clean water removed from urine from 94% to 98%, the highest ever recorded. He said this method of restoring drinking water can help in long space missions like Mars.

Christopher Brown, a member of the Johnson Space Center team, said: “This is a very important step in the development of life support systems. Let’s say you collect 100 pounds of water at the station. You lose two pounds of it and the other 98% hangs around. Maintaining it is a great success. »

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