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NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket ready for launch after two failures, will fly today



Strong points

NASA will attempt to launch its Artemis I lunar mission on September 27
Learning from weather delays, NASA will evaluate weather test data
With this mission, NASA will take steps to send astronauts back to the moon

Washington, The US Space Agency (NASA) Artemis I, which missed launch twice due to a hydrogen leak in Artemis 1, was once again readied for liftoff. According to news from the IANS news agency, NASA said in a statement that the issue of hydrogen leakage in the loading process with the Space Launch System (SLS) has been resolved by the engineering team. At the same time, the propellant loading into the rocket tanks, the operation of the start-up purge and the pre-pressurization test were also tested during the demonstration test.

NASA said in a tweet that the liquid hydrogen leak during the Artemis I cryogenic demonstration test has been managed. At the same time, the launch director also confirmed that all cryogenic demonstration test objectives have been met and teams have begun the complex process of emptying the rocket’s fuel tanks.

Will launch after seeing the weather
Learning from past weather delays, NASA will evaluate test data, along with weather conditions and other factors, before confirming the next launch. “The rocket will remain in a safe configuration until teams assess next steps,” NASA said. With a potential Oct. 2 backup opportunity under consideration, NASA will attempt to launch its Artemis I lunar mission on Sept. 27.

Let us tell you that on September 3, NASA attempted to launch Artemis I but it was shut down after detecting a liquid hydrogen leak. At the same time, the US space agency canceled the launch of the mission for the first time on August 30 due to a technical fault in one of the engines of the SLS rocket.

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