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“Negative Covid test report necessary for a Chinese passenger…” France also banned for this reason



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France is one of the countries to make the negative COVID-19 test report mandatory for travelers from China.
From January 1, France will carry out a random covid PCR test for certain passengers arriving from China.
France also said people with any type of health problem can avoid traveling to China.

Paris. Passengers from China will now have to present a negative COVID-19 test report to travel to France. France has also joined the list of many other countries making the negative COVID-19 test report mandatory for travelers from China. France has made it compulsory for passengers arriving from China to have a Covid test report within 48 hours of travel. Under the new rules, the Covid test should be mandatory on all flights from China and passengers are required to wear masks. Stage apartments are also included.

France will carry out random Covid PCR tests for some passengers arriving from China from January 1, as the implementation of the mandatory test will take some time. The French government has also recommended people with health conditions avoid non-essential travel to China. In addition to keeping its borders closed for three years, China has implemented a zero covid policy and strict testing rules. Suddenly, on December 7, Beijing lifted all restrictions related to the corona virus. After which, in recent weeks, corona infections have spread very quickly in China.

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Before France, the British government had announced that it would make the negative test report for Covid-19 compulsory for passengers coming from China. The British government said in a statement that from January 5, people traveling from mainland China to England will be asked to take a COVID-19 test report before departure. Earlier, India made the RT-PCR test mandatory for passengers coming from five countries including China. Japan has also made it mandatory for passengers arriving from China to undergo the Covid-19 test from December 30.

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