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Neither passport nor visa and the woman arrived abroad, the airline apologizes… but why?



Viral news: During a domestic journey in America, a strange incident was observed with a woman. In fact, due to an airline mistake, the woman arrived overseas on domestic trips. Surprisingly, when the woman landed at the airport, she had no passport or visa. According to ABC News, a woman named Alice Hebbard flew from US airline Frontier. He had taken a ticket from New Jersey to Florida. But due to a glitch, she took another flight and reached Jamaica, a Caribbean country.

Security officials were also shocked
Alice was supposed to be going to Florida, but when checking in, airline staff didn’t pay attention and the woman boarded the international flight. When she landed at the airport, she didn’t even know she had arrived overseas. When the security check was carried out, with him, the investigators were also shocked.

the whole incident
Alice said she often travels by plane. Also that day, she reached the gate to board the flight, in which ‘PHL To JAX’ was written. But before boarding the plane, she went to the bathroom. Upon my return, the person checking the boarding pass hurriedly seated me on another flight. Ellis claimed that due to the change in gateway, she reached Jamaica instead of Jacksonville, Florida.

what did alice say
According to Ellis, I’m recovering from back surgery. Seeing me, the airline staff made me sit directly on the seat. In a hurry, he checked the boarding pass. After takeoff, it turned out that I had taken the wrong flight. By then it was too late. Later, with the help of the stewardess, she landed at the airport in Jamaica and from there took another flight to America.

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In this matter, a Frontier Airlines spokesperson said that we express our regret for this incident and apologize to the customer. We decided to refund the ticket money and give them compensation. Along with this issue was resolved with the airport in Jamaica.

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