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Nepal put Amritpal Singh on watch list? India is appealing – arrest him and hand him over



Kathmandu. Nepal has put fugitive radical separatist Amritpal Singh on its watch list at the request of the Indian government to prevent him from fleeing elsewhere. India has requested the government of Nepal not to allow Amritpal to flee to any third country and to arrest him if he (Amritpal) tries to escape using Indian passport or any other fake passport. Amritpal is believed to be hiding in Nepal.

Officials said the Immigration Department kept Amritpal on its watch list at the request of the Indian government. The department’s information officer, Kamal Prasad Pandey, said: “We received a written note from the Indian Embassy along with a copy of Amritpal’s passport. India has expressed concern that Amritpal has entered Nepal. Pandey said: “The Indian Embassy has written a memo asking the department to put the separatist Amritpal on the watch list.”

Amritpal Singh hides in Nepal
The ‘Kathmandu Post’ newspaper reported that the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, in a letter sent to the Department of Commercial Services on Saturday, requested various government agencies here to arrest Amritpal if he tries to escape from Nepal. . Citing a letter, the newspaper said: “Singh is currently hiding in Nepal.” The newspaper claimed to have a copy of the letter in question.

Amritpal Singh should not be allowed to travel to a third country from Nepal
The newspaper said: “The respected ministry is requested to inform the immigration department that Amritpal Singh should not be allowed to travel to a third country via Nepal and if he is under the notice of this mission If anyone tries to escape from Nepal using an Indian passport or any other fake passport, they must be arrested.Citing several sources, the newspaper says that the letter and personal details of Singh have been forwarded to all the relevant agencies, from hotels to airlines.

Amritpal Singh has several passports with different identities
Singh is believed to hold several passports with different identities. Punjab Police launched an action against Amritpal on March 18, since then he has been on the run. Radical separatist Amritpal also dodged the police and managed to evade the police trap despite having his convoy intercepted in Jalandhar district of Punjab.

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Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has ordered all security agencies to be on “high alert” in the Nepal-India border area. Citing ministry sources, ‘My Republica’ newspaper said the instruction was given at the request of Indian security officials and the border area between Nepal and India was put on ‘high alert’ for two days. Citing sources, the report said plainclothes police have increased vigilance in the border area as Singh may enter the country from Kapilvastu in western Nepal.

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