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New problem for Putin! America gave this dangerous tank to Ukraine, destroys enemies in minutes



Washington. Returning to the claim that the “Abram” tank is not suitable for war with Russia, the United States said that it will send 31 M-1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Senior officials gave this information on Wednesday. Some time ago, the Biden administration argued that operating and maintaining this tank could be very difficult for Ukrainian forces. This decision of America appeared after Germany agreed to send 14 “Leopard 2A6” tanks.

Germany had said it would not send the Leopard tank until the United States made a decision on supplying its Abrams tank to Ukrainian forces. The senior US official said on condition of anonymity that after Germany’s position there had been a “good diplomatic dialogue” between the two sides. An official announcement regarding the dispatch of the tank is expected soon. Note that even after 11 months of war, Ukraine has still not been able to withdraw its four states from Russia.

In such a situation, to repel Russia, Ukraine demanded a large number of advanced tanks (Advance Tanks) from its allies. President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday that Kyiv needed allies to decide whether or not to defend the country against Russia in the face of growing Russian military aggression, according to a report by the Reuters news agency. modern tanks to reinforce.

Ukraine is also claiming the tank because it believes Russia is developing new aggressive attack plans, signs of which are already visible in Ukraine’s Donbass region. Zelensky pointed out that Russian forces have already made advances in Bakhmut and Vuhledar and elsewhere. Fighting around the eastern town of Bakhmut has intensified in recent weeks, with Russia claiming several successes in its campaign there.

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